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Five ways to promote leg health and healing

The programme is based on research which shows that if you understand your legs and take small steps of self-care, you can have a positive impact on your wound.


The more you know about your legs, the better you’ll be able to take care of them. Watch our educational videos and learn about the venous system, leg ulcers and compression therapy.


Moving your body improves circulation and promotes healing. Simple exercises and daily movement will support your body and help it heal.


Studies show that diet plays an important role in healing. We’ll show you how to get the right nutrition with easy recipes and information about how best to feed your body.


You might be feeling down, this can impact your overall well-being. Looking after your mental health will help you stay positive and motivated, so you can focus on your healing.


It is important to remember that you’re not alone! Listen to other patients sharing their experiences and how they have coped with leg ulcers.


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Move your body - Exercise

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Feed your body - Nutrition

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